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Dr. Faeh with Aarthi Hari

Learn, connect, & grow with our network-wide General Practice mentorship program

When joining an NVA General Practice hospital as a new graduate, you are eligible to participate in a fully personalized up to 12-month mentorship program, guided by an experienced mentor.

The goal of this program is to work in collaboration with any existing on-site mentoring, add another layer of hands-on education and guidance, and offer next-level support and resources beyond what any individual clinic could provide to prepare you to take on the "day-to-day" with confidence.

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Overall Program Highlights:

Dedicated New Grad Mentors

  • Dynamic and personalized program – able to customize based on individual DVM needs

  • Provide up to 12 months of overall guidance and support, building opportunities for growth as a new vet

  • Augment and reinforce existing in-clinic training and mentoring with experienced DVM support

  • Focus on foundational skills with in-person, quarterly, one-on-one support

Balanced Curriculum

  • Build confidence in diagnostic and clinical decision-making skills

  • Enhance surgical skills through core surgical skills review and repetition of common elective procedures, including increasing dental proficiency

  • Support transition from classroom to clinic with personal and financial wellness initiatives

  • Time management feedback and discussions

Community Connection & Collaboration

  • Engage with and build a network of other new DVMs and mentors for learning and outreach

  • Wellness meetings (via Zoom)

  • Social activities that promote healthy life balance and overall wellness

  • Case reviews with peers

  • Networking events

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Meet the Mentors

Mentorship Rocks!

Hear from our current and past mentees

It was great to have a resource for surgery coming out of a school with little to no surgical experience."

- Nicole Fernous, Associate DVM Mentee

It was nice to have someone there to help hold your hand in times that you needed it."

- Melissa Diaz, Associate DVM Mentee

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of topics does the program cover?

Mentorship on Medical Competencies, such as:

  • Physical exam basics

  • Anesthesia

  • Client education on preventatives

  • Technical skills (e.g., IV catheter placement)

  • SOAP basics

  • Physical exam pediatric, geriatric, and orthopedic

  • Client education on euthanasia

  • In-house laboratory

  • Surgery reporting

  • Physical exam of non-critical sick patients

  • Client education on refining treatment plans

  • Reading radiology

  • Medical records – dental charting and reporting

  • Surgical skills – spays/neuters + more

  • Dentistry – including a full day wet lab

  • Behavior

  • CPR

  • Endocrinology

  • Cardiology fundamentals and emergencies

  • How to do a thorough neuro exam

  • Thoracic and abdominal radiology

  • Dermatology

  • Urethral obstructions

  • Wound management

What types of events does the program include?

Wellness / Professional Development Events, such as:

  • RACE-approved continuing education events

  • Whole person, perfectionism and your inner critic

  • Climbing Mt. Debt

  • You too can survive a liability claim!

  • Growth mindset

  • Mental health in the workplace

  • Crucial conversations (conflict resolutions)

  • Client interaction coaching

  • Lunch and learns on various topics

  • Local speakers

  • Social events

How do I fit this program into my schedule?

We partner with hospital leadership teams to ensure time to participate is made available to you. Communicating with your HLT and mentor as to any constraints or concerns is key to the success of this program.

What type of commitment does the program involve?

  • Average of 4-5 hours per month

  • Two virtual small group case reviews per month

  • One cohort meeting per month with our Community Team complimenting whole person development

  • One cohort meeting per month with a medical or surgical focus (topics vary)

  • Quarterly in-person meeting with mentor (usually your surgery day to allow for coaching/training/other support)

  • Quarterly social meeting

Network-Wide Mentorship

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