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NVA, a community of approximately 1,400 premier locations consisting primarily of general practice veterinary hospitals in addition to equine hospitals and pet resorts, and Ethos Veterinary Health, which consists of 145 world-class specialty and emergency hospitals, are rooted in a culture of compassion and innovation. Ethos and NVA ensure broad access to high-quality care and the advancement of cutting-edge medicine to extend and improve the lives of pets.

Dr. Stan Creighton (NVA Founder)

Founded by a Veterinarian for Veterinarians

By Dr. Stan Creighton, NVA Founder

After 23 years as a practicing veterinarian, I realized that fewer younger veterinarians were interested in owning a practice, the financial demands, and administrative complexity of running a modern-day hospital. In 1997, I started buying clinics from retiring veterinarians who stayed on to spend their time doing what they loved - practicing medicine. Taking on someone’s veterinary clinic was a responsibility my team and I did not take lightly. We strived to build a doctor-centric veterinary community where veterinarians thrive by giving teams the time to focus on pets, their families and advancing medicine in collaboration with other veterinarians, while NVA took on administrative tasks like accounting, taxes, and payroll. And we believed the best medicine is practiced when local veterinarians craft their own medical approach, so when a hospital joined NVA, we kept the culture, people, and the name intact.

I am retired but still active sharing our founding vision with veterinarians and our NVA and Ethos family. I could not be more proud of what we started in 1997 and who we are today.

NVA and Ethos Veterinary Health Logos

NVA and Ethos Today

At NVA and Ethos Veterinary Health, we remain committed to our people and providing great care to pets and pet parents. And we never lose sight of our why: “For the love of animals and the people who love them.” 

As we champion the advancement of the veterinary profession, we are also focused on the growth of our hospitals and our people. We help our veterinary teams be their best by investing in mentorship programs, our team’s well-being, and best-in-class tools and resources.

Servant leadership remains at our core as we strive to positively impact the veterinary and pet care profession, ensure broad access to high-quality care for all pet owners, and lead the advancement of cutting-edge medicine to extend and improve the lives of pets.

A dynamic community united in our mission, our values, and our purpose

Our mission

To improve the comfort and well-being of pets by providing progressive and compassionate care. We develop a team of individual hospitals and pet resorts that share knowledge to achieve sustainable growth.

Our why

For the love of animals and the people who love them.

Our values

We earn trust by doing the right thing

We embrace new thinking

Goal Orientation
We focus on the outcome

We are stronger together

Service Excellence
We aim to always exceed expectations

At NVA, we believe in servant leadership. The needs of our caregivers, clients, and pets come first.

We lead by

We lead by

We lead by

We lead by

We lead by

Servant Leadership triangle standing on point divided horizontally into three parts. The large part is Clients and Pets, the middle and smaller part is Pet Care Teams, the smaller part at the bottom is Support Teams.