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Why I Joined NVA

Every situation is unique. Whether you’re approaching retirement, or positioning your practice for expansion, NVA tailors the partnership to meet your specific needs.

Nashville Veterinary Specialists & Animal Emergency

Nashville, TN | Specialty + ER

Dr. Trey Calfee founded Nashville Veterinary Specialists as a mobile service out of a van in 2006. After 10 years of significant growth including evolution into a 24-hour specialty hospital, he partnered with NVA to take his growing hospital to the next level in a very competitive market.

St. Francis of Assisi Veterinary Medical Center

San Antonio, TX | General Practice

Dr. Daniel Holub and Dr. Robert Bauml wanted to cash in on their sweat equity and find a partner that respected the way they practiced medicine. NVA embraced this opportunity and with this partnership, the business at this clinic has almost doubled.

Waterville Veterinary Clinic

Waterville, NY | General Practice

Dr. Dan Gilchrist started Waterville Veterinary Clinic in 2002. As he looked toward retirement, he was looking for a partner that would honor his business culture, his staff seniority and allow his son, James, to take over the practice.

Countryside Animal Hospital

Tempe, AZ | General Practice

Dr. James Lindley started Countryside Animal Hospital in 1986 but always dreamed of his retirement life. Hiking, fishing and spending time with his family were very important to him and through a partnership with NVA, he has been able to do all of those things while Countryside remains active.

North Paw Animal Hospital

Durham, NC | General Practice

Dr. Gretchen Hutt loves spending time at the practice she founded. She also loves spending time with her family and traveling the world. Through a partnership with NVA, she is now able to do both while maintaining a stable, growing practice with the employees she has developed.

North Country Veterinary Clinic

Grand Rapids, MN | General Practice

Dr. John Howe always wanted to be a veterinarian. He has cared for over three generations of clients and is a fixture in the Grand Rapids community. He partnered with NVA as a means to be more economical, to have higher technology and have better access to training resources for his staff.


Fort Wayne, IN | General Practice

Dr. Dave Thoma and Dr. Roy Coolman were fraternity brothers at Purdue University and classmates through veterinary school. They founded Northern Indiana Veterinary Emergency Specialty Hospital in 1967 and retired after 40 years in practice. Their entire life was rooted in NIVES and saw NVA as a trusted partner that would honor their legacies.

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