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“I interviewed more than 10 groups and visited the headquarters of 6 of them. After all the research, it was clear that NVA was the only option for me. Everyone told me that we would stay unchanged. NVA backs that with a commitment and history of not only caring about culture, but willingness to do the work to maintain it.”

– Dr Sherry Weaver, Animal Hospital of Towne Lake, NVA partner since 2018.

We’ve Been Here, We’ll Be Here

22+ years later, our founder is still involved, and his original vision remains our beacon as we continue to invest in the promising future of businesses we believe in.

Committed To Growing Your Practice

Many veterinarians envision selling or partnering with an associate. Someone who provides great care, is respected by the staff and honors the culture. NVA can be that someone.

While we provide the infrastructure to keep growing your business, your brand and culture remains. Our goal is to preserve the aspects of your business that have made it successful.

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Industry Experience

For over 22 years, NVA has grown a network of veterinary hospitals by acquiring high-quality, successful businesses like yours.

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Expert Support

Our Support Center serves our hospitals with accounting, payroll, accounts payable, IT, marketing, HR and more.

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Local Leadership Stays Local

You know your community and clients best. We will empower your staff to drive growth with the best tools in the industry.

We Tailor The Partnership To You

We have the assets to make cash offers, with no financing contingency, and we close transactions quickly. But we will never pressure you into a quick commitment. Your partnership with us could take a variety of forms:
• Sell 100% or stay on board in a joint venture
• Become a partner operator, a manager or exit completely
• Sell or lease us the real estate

Why I Joined NVA

Every situation Is unique. Whether you’re approaching retirement, or positioning your practice for expansion, NVA tailors the partnership to meet your specific needs.

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Community Focused

We cherish the heart and individuality of our General Practice partners, and work to ensure the culture at each location continues to thrive.

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a free, no obligation valuation of your practice or business. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to make a confident, informed decision about your future – including flying you to California to meet our Support Center teams. We will even fly you to one of our competitors to compare.

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Over 600 Thriving Partnerships And Growing

We’ve partnered with a variety of pet care related businesses in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
• General Practice Hospitals
• Specialty + ER Hospitals
• Equine Hospitals
• Pet Resorts

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