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President, NVA General Practice (GP)

Sohail Malad - Sohail Malad

President, NVA General Practice (GP)

Sohail Malad

The operational experts who serve our General Practice hospitals lead with their minds and their hearts. Our days begin by asking what our care teams need and end by ensuring we’ve made a difference. We work hand-in-hand with each practice to understand their challenges, build on their strengths, and continually drive innovation that keeps them thriving. From clinical training to medical mentorship, to client engagement and visit growth — we’re invested in every aspect of their journey. We aim to make their lives easier, so they can make animals’ lives better.

As a child of immigrant entrepreneurs, I learned early on about the rewards of running a local business and the positive impacts it can have on a community. That insight led me to study finance at the University of Southern California and earn an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. After holding various operational roles at TransUnion, The Boston Consulting Group, and Ernst & Young, I joined NVA in 2016. My work here brings together my two passions: empowering autonomy among business leaders and making a lasting impact on the lives of people and pets.