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One of the leading communities of Equine veterinary teams, we understand the unique challenges of operating equine veterinary practices. We support our thriving equine network with the back-office support when and where they need it most — in the rig, on the road, or at the barn.

We are dedicated to advancing equine medicine and are leading efforts through thought leadership, collaboration, and talent attraction, and leadership programs specific to equine medicine.

Our equine community

The NVA equine community includes thriving partnerships across the US and Canada, each supported by local operational leadership teams.

Two Veterinarians with a Horse

We cherish the individuality of our equine partners and the unique nature of equine medicine.

We support our veterinarians and their teams, while encouraging them to set their own medical standards.

We care for our people and support their professional and personal development.

We’re here to provide veterinarians with business management services so they can focus on providing excellent medical care for their patients.

We provide veterinarians resources to continue to advance equine medicine and grow their practice.

Confidence backed by expertise

We know that the equine community is tight-knit and the complexities you face are exceptional. Our network of equine DVMs consists of some of the best in the world and we encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing for professional development. Whether you treat backyard horses or Olympic athletes, our Support Center is an expert in your business and knows how to empower you to advance your medicine and grow your practice.