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NVA’s Realm of Emotional Wellness

A woman and dog sit on a dock

Animals have greater emotional sensations when compared to humans, so it’s only natural that, during crisis or moments of pause, our beloved pets choose to sidle up to us even more with their innate trust and loyalty. How this affects the overall well-being of both animal and their person depends on the health and relationship of connection. Once a dog, cat or horse feels the positive reinforcement from the person they spend their lives with, it resonates with their human in a mutual relationship.

At NVA, Turpin Mott is the organization’s Chief Community Officer, who displays a generous amount of expertise on the value of living within an emotional realm. Mindfulness and heart-centered choices are what drives the human psyche in all actions and thoughts, and Turpin brings every aspect of well-being to the table with his coaching style and overall positive attitude on living with intention. Through annual lectures, seminars and retreats, NVA’s dedicated culture & community team teaches veterinary staff how to get in touch with the essentials of emotions when dealing with everyday environments, both personal and those of the workplace. Turpin’s altruistic approach is well-received, especially as the health of the healer is priority for a lifelong journey of veterinary care.

When stepping into the emotional realm of wellness, there is an abundant amount of information that meets our epicenter and it is up to each individual to process these nuances on an individual level. Turpin believes that taking a step back, pausing, breathing, all prior to action and moving forward from the heart space results in more meaningful outcomes. Whether a team member, practitioner or the families of pets, every emotion deserves time for understanding and appreciation. It’s okay to be vulnerable. In fact, Turpin encourages vulnerability within the community and culture of your veterinary or pet resort environment, as it gives every person a chance to make a difference, create impact and shine.

What determines NVA’s position on wellness?

While there’s no quick trick to personal growth and self-awareness, there are several measures that NVA instills in their community motto, beyond how a love of animals and the people who love them are portrayed. NVA’s ideal wellness model begins with acceptance of diversity, sincerity of safekeeping our partners and their clients to bring forth the livelihoods of culture within each organization through initiatives such as:

  • Caring for the caregivers

  • Focusing on the health of the healers

  • Offering individualized and group counseling for team members or leaders in need

  • Connecting the emotional with the mental and physical to ensure every well-being outlet is deemed high priority

  • Regularly staying tuned into each person within the culture and community

  • Highlighting the essentials of having a say in organizational matters

  • Being genuine in all actionable steps within every level of business

Tune in to the PAWcast

As NVA’s core wellness leader, Turpin sees to it that every partner within the NVA community is equipped with the proper emotional tools to carry on in business and life. He offers calming words, viable strides on how to invoke an attitude of wellness, readily-available resources as well as ongoing podcasts that can benefit every individual within the team setting or practitioners seeking solutions, simple improvements or overall life mentoring.

As an Executive Coach and Facilitator, Turpin’s PAWcast connects clients to what has meaning to them. The video series is designed to create solid foundations for individuals and teams based on accountability, integrity, authenticity and responsibility, which directly impact the success of the organization.

We welcome you to tune in to the Turpin Mott PAWcast here:

Prepare for a wellness rejuvenation and see for yourself!