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Join NVA on Your Terms

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"I wanted to make sure, when we sold our business, we would put the position of our staff as priority. I’ve since been able to step back from the management aspect of work. That’s given me more time to focus on the veterinary aspect and working with the animals, which I love. "

That’s why Dr. Kwantes from Park Veterinary Centre says his practice decided to join NVA.

Dr. Kwantes’s explanation illustrates one of NVA’s greatest strengths: flexibility. At NVA, we know that your practice is unique, with its own patients, team and culture. That's why, when you’re ready to transition your practice, NVA has flexible options. We work with you to meet your individual goals, whether you want to pursue a joint venture, stay involved for a limited time or transition into retirement.

We customize our deal structures to fit your vision

With our robust resources and team of experts, we help bring your vision to life. From cash offers to joint ventures that allow you to invite associate doctors or other key staff members to buy into your practice as minority owners.

100% Sale

Stay on and sell outright. If you are looking to retire and ensure your practice is in good hands, NVA can purchase 100% of your business.

  • We structure payments for the sale of your hospital in a way that meets your financial needs

Perfect for: Owners who are looking for a short transition period.

Joint Venture

This popular option allows hospitals to maintain local ownership while also giving them the support and benefits of belonging to the greater internal community of NVA’s veterinary network. Within a joint venture, we can further customize terms for multiple practice owners within one hospital. The individual deal terms allow someone closer to retirement to ease out while encouraging associate doctors to buy in — and everything in between.

  • Allows the practice to retain local ownership

  • Customizable deal terms by doctor within a multi-owner practice

  • Facilitates associate buy-in

  • Transactions typically structured in a tax-deferred manner

Ideal for: Practices with one or multiple partners with varying transition timelines.

Asset or Stock Purchase

We’re flexible based on the best tax structure for you. The following options are available to sellers looking to tailor a deal according to their legal and tax business needs:

  • Transfer your assets (medical equipment, building, etc.) to NVA

  • NVA can purchase all of the stock in the business from the seller(s)

  • Structured sales of asset or stock are based on your company’s type of legal entity

Forms of consideration

We pay in various forms, from cash to notes; tailoring to your term and timeline.

Other options

Local Buy-In Program

This is an option that allows key staff members to become minority stakeholders in your practice by arranging financing through NVA.

Real Estate

Sell or lease to us.

Your hospital, your team, your legacy

When you partner with NVA, your practice keeps its individual identity — regardless of the arrangement you choose.

We don’t have standard medical protocols, product formularies or a medical director dictating how you practice medicine. We don’t rebrand your practice.

Each one of our 900+ hospitals has its own culture and way of doing things. So we stand by our promise that your customers will continue to experience the same standard of service you’ve built and culture you’ve set while employees benefit from the added support to help them serve the animals they love.

We understand that you’ve put your heart and soul into your practice, and we know that choosing to join NVA is a personal decision. So, when we discuss options that best fit your needs, we honor your confidentiality and strive to earn your trust. We treat you with the utmost care — just like you treat the clients who put their faith in you.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to consider.

Q. I had hoped to sell to one of my associate doctors. Can you help?

A. Yes. NVA often helps practices find a path to ownership for their associates.

Q. We have multiple owners of our practice with differing needs.

A. NVA has extensive experience with practices that have more than one owner. We can find a way for your owners to either transition out of the practice or stay on as partners.

Q. How would NVA influence the standards of care at my practice?

A. We trust veterinarians to know the best way to practice medicine in their local communities. NVA has a community of veterinarians and a medical advisory board to help advise, when needed.

Q. Will my employees (and/or my family) be able to continue in their current roles?

A. We will work with you to establish a structure that best suits your team.

Q. Can we keep our name and the culture of our hospital?

A. When your practice partners with NVA, your legacy and what you have built remains. We do not change your brand or culture, because that is what makes you great.

Q. Will you buy my real estate?

A. Yes. NVA will consider buying your real estate or leasing the land from you. We can also assume long-term leases.

Let’s talk!

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