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Hospital and Support Center Teams Connect at NVA Compassion-First National Meeting

NVA Community gathering participants in a group photo.

March 11, 2022

Excitement and energy filled the air as hospital and Support Center staff came together for the NVA Compassion-First National Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. The gathering, which included more than 150 team members, marked the first meeting of the newly formed business line and the first in-person event for NVA’s Specialty and Emergency group since 2020. The meeting kicked off with a powerful Whole Person Model session from NVA’s Chief Community Officer, Turpin Mott, which emphasized how animal care givers can focus on their whole self to take ownership of their personal well-being. NVA’s CEO and President and COO, Greg Hartman and Brian Kelly (respectively), presented an overview of NVA Compassion-First’s business goals and objectives and offered the opportunity for a live town hall discussion with attendees. A recurring theme throughout the event was coming together to find solutions for common challenges. Attendees were presented with business and industry updates on recruiting, talent and learning, marketing, the scarcity of veterinary specialists, burnout, culture and team building, and women in leadership. Specialized breakout sessions brought teams together to dive deeper into common issues and pain points across the industry and offered the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from across the country.  

In addition to hearing critical business updates and sharing ideas, the meeting served as the perfect setting for both medical and support staff members to network, ask questions of leadership, and meet with vendors. To ensure accessibility and inclusion for all members of the NVA Compassion-First community, the meeting was broadcast live for those who were unable to travel or were uncomfortable with an in-person gathering.   “Even though I wasn’t there in person, I still feel like I got a lot out of the conference,” said Nicole Vollert, Business Operations and Technology Associate for NVA Compassion-First. “And as a new mom, I appreciated the Women in Leadership panel.”

The three-day meeting ended with an awards ceremony honoring individual members of the NVA Compassion-First community and recognizing the exceptional work they are doing in their respective hospitals and communities. The 2022 award winners include: "Click here to continue."