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Mindy Joyner


Mindy Joyner

Supports New Doctors In: NC, SC, VA

Fun Fact/Favorite Hobby: Played on numerous softball and volleyball teams growing up; I had remnants of a black eye from the conference championship softball game in my high school senior picture. Now I enjoy watching my son play high school baseball and football.

I worked at a transgenic swine unit when I was in undergrad and had to collect boar semen to artificially inseminate.

As a graduate student prior to vet school, I was doing ruminant nutrition digestibility research on byproduct feedstuffs in goats, and had to collect goat feces in “diapers”.

Vet School: Oklahoma State University

Funniest Client Experience: When clients show me skin lesions on their body in questionable places because they got it from their pets.

Advice for new grads: Real doctors treat more than one species. Trust your instincts, they’ve served you well thus far. Best advice from my equine clinician- If you can count the drops, it (the bleeding) will stop.

“Mentorship is a time to remember and thank those that invested time in my life and career, and pass along valuable skills, experience, and time to make a difference in someone else’s life. It is an opportunity to help them create the best version of themselves. I used to think I was the teacher, but I learn just as much from them.”

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