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How NVA is Optimizing Your Yelp Listings.

Digital Marketing


Optimizing for search is absolutely critical in order to help potential clients find you. Nearly 91% of consumers use search engines to find local information – but 75% do not scroll past the first page. If you want them to find your hospital or pet resort, you need to do everything you can to appear at the top of their search results.

Part of that process begins with Yelp. Yelp is one of the most widely-used consumer review sites, but it also influences search results on Yahoo, Bing, Apple Maps (including Siri), local business listings, and in-dash GPS Navigation systems. The information you publish on their Yelp profile directly affects how many people can find you. That’s why it is so essential to be sure the information is 100% accurate.

How our Support Services Marketing team helps with Yelp. Recently, NVA completed an audit of Yelp listings for every hospital and pet resort in our community. With partner feedback, we made a series of profile enhancements, including an update of all Yelp categories to more accurately describe their business and services. Yelp creates business categories based on how its users search. When your business is in the right categories, it’s much easier for customers to find you.

  • Maximize your visibility. Businesses can be listed in up to 3 Yelp categories. Here are some relevant categories for Pet Services: Animal Physical Therapy

  • Emergency Pet Hospital

  • Holistic Animal Care

  • Pet Cremation Services

  • Pet Groomers

  • Pet Hospice

  • Pet Insurance

  • Pet Sitting

  • Pet Boarding

  • Pet Training

  • Pet Transportation

  • Veterinarians

Once properly categorized, one hospital shot up to #3 on Yelp. For The Animal Hospital of Waynesville, boarding is a key part of their business, but they were not appearing in a search for this service. After our category cleanup, they now appear among the top 3 search results.

The Animal Hospital of Waynesville now ranks number 3 in a local search for “Pet Boarding.”

Our Support Service teams have the expertise to assist your business in a variety of ways, from accounting and HR, to legal and marketing.